Genital Acne – Embarrassing But Not Bad

Genital acne is not a sexually transmitted disease. One of the problems with experiencing this type of acne is that many people who begin experiencing pimples in their genital area will automatically assume that they have some form of STD if they have been sexually active. They will think that they have contacted herpes or warts and that their life is over.

However, this is not true at all. First of all, even if someone does have herpes or warts, their life is far from over. Secondly, genital acne is not contagious to your partner and is really nothing more than a little bit of discomfort. Yes, it can be scary to get anything that might slightly mimic an STD. You feel both embarrassed and guilty. But it is not the same thing.

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How Genital Acne is Different from Herpes or STD

Genital acne does not present like an STD. Unlike warts, which are usually white and hard, genital acne is soft. Although you can get what are called “flat warts” that are red, they do not hurt. Genital acne does hurt. Just like a pimple on your face, genital acne hurts when you press it.

Unlike herpes, genital acne usually presents with one or two pimples. On the other hand, herpes presents more like open sore or blisters and is much more concentrated. Like herpes, genital acne will clear up in about a week. Unlike herpes, it cannot be spread to your partner. You may not feel like being sexually active because of the discomfort or embarrassment of having genital acne.

Do You Think You Have Genital Acne?

If you are worried that you may have genital acne, it is important to go see your doctor and get him to give you the proper diagnosis for your condition, which will cause you tremendous relief. When you have been assured that you do not have an STD, you will feel better about the condition. Because acne can also be brought on by stress, you may even find a sudden change in the acne as it clears up. Stress is definitely a factor when it comes to acne so getting rid of stress is one of the first ways that you can get any kind of acne cleared up.

Most topical ointments that are for acne cannot be used in the genital area, which is much more sensitive that the rest of the areas of skin. Your doctor will prescribe a cream or ointment for genital acne. In the meantime, know that time is on your side and that, like other pimples, the genital acne will resolve itself in less than a week.

Genital acne can be embarrassing or mimic an STD. For this reason, people avoid getting a diagnosis from the doctor. If you are experiencing genital acne, however, and are afraid that it is caused by an STD, you are better off to see your doctor and get it cleared one way or the other. It is far better to get genital acne treated as soon as possible and leave this problem behind you.…

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